Complete TV Listings: Thursday April 15, 2021 TV Schedule

layarstarApril 15, 2021

The following is a list of 15 April 2021 TV premiere dates (new series and seasons, original movies and documentaries, specials, and more). If you notice I am missing a TV premiere on this list, feel free to let me know in the comments section and I will make sure to add it. For day-to-day TV listings (lists of every new episode airing each day), check out our Daily TV Schedules.

Tonight’s Complete TV Listings: April 15, 2021 TV Schedule

    1. American Skin (BET+, Special)
    2. At Home with the Robertsons (Facebook)
    3. The Banishing (Shudder, Original Movie Premiere)
    4. The Challenge: All Stars (Paramount+)
    5. Cold Courage (AMC+, Season 1 Finale)
    6. Creepshow (Shudder)
    7. The Deadly Type with Candice DeLong (Discovery+)
    8. Exit Plan (Crackle, Special)
    9. Fear the Walking Dead (AMC+)
    10. Going From Broke (Crackle)
    11. Infinity Train (HBO Max, Season 4 Premiere)
    12. LOL: Last One Laughing Germany (Amazon, Season 1 Finale)
    13. Made for Love (HBO Max, Season 1 Finale)
    14. No Activity (Paramount+)
    15. Notorious Queens (ALLBLK)
    16. Restaurant Recovery (Discovery+, Series Premiere)
    17. Retro Tech (YouTube)
    18. Ride or Die (Netflix, Original Movie Premiere)
    19. Ruthless (BET+)
    20. Sesame Street (HBO Max)
    21. Spy City (AMC+, Series Premiere)
    22. Talking Dead (AMC+)
    23. Tooning Out the News (Paramount+)
    24. Wahl Street (HBO Max, Series Premiere)
    25. The Walking Dead Episode Diaries (AMC+)
    26. Younger (Paramount+, Season 7 Premiere)
    27. Back (IFC)
    28. The Pole (Syfy)
    29. The Summoner (Syfy)
    30. Back (IFC, Season 2 Finale)
    31. Get a Clue (GSN)
    32. Chain Reaction (GSN)
    33. People Puzzler (GSN)
    34. Apple & Onion (Cartoon Network)
    35. NBA: Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks (TNT)
    36. Apple & Onion (Cartoon Network)

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