Complete TV Listings: Tuesday April 14, 2021 TV Schedule

layarstarApril 14, 2021

The following is a list of 14 April 2021 TV premiere dates (new series and seasons, original movies and documentaries, specials, and more). If you notice I am missing a TV premiere on this list, feel free to let me know in the comments section and I will make sure to add it. For day-to-day TV listings (lists of every new episode airing each day), check out our Daily TV Schedules.

Tonight’s Complete TV Listings: April 14, 2021 TV Schedule

  1. Good Trouble S03E09
  2. The Goldbergs S08E17
  3. The Masked Singer S05E06
  4. Snowfall S04E09
  5. A Million Little Things S03E10
  6. Gogglebox Australia S13E09
  7. Big Brother Canada S09E19
  8. Queen of the South S05E02
  9. Kung Fu S01E02

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Title: Complete TV Listings: Tuesday April 14, 2021 TV Schedule

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