‘Snapped’ New Episode On Oxygen Sunday, April 18 at 6/5c

layarstarApril 17, 2021

Serial Killer Week: “Snapped” New Episode — Sunday, April 18 at 6/5c
After detectives discover a beloved fire chief’s dismembered torso in his own barn, they must rush to find his missing wife.

Are they both victims, or is this couple hiding dark secrets?

Serial Killer Week, a nine-night event running from Saturday April 10 to Sunday April 18 on Oxygen, will feature shows and specials about serial killers who make people’s skin crawl to this day.

Learn all about Dorothea Puente, a seemingly sweet grandma running a deadly operation, in “Murders At The Boarding House,” Joel Rifkin, one of New York’s most prolific serial killers, in “Rifkin on Rifkin: Private Confessions of a Serial Killer,” and Bruce McArthur, the former mall Santa who terrorized Toronto’s LGBTQ community, in “Catching A Killer: Bruce McArthur.” Plus, expect episodes from Oxygen hits about some of the most notorious serial killers of all time.


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Title: ‘Snapped’ New Episode On Oxygen Sunday, April 18 at 6/5c
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