Kung Fu Episode 8 ‘Disclosure’

layarstarApril 30, 2022

kung fu season 2 episode 8 promo

Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 8 “Disclosure” – HARMONY DUMPLINGS’ 25TH ANNIVERSARY – As Nicky (Olivia Liang) wrestles with a secret she’s been keeping from Mia (guest star Vanessa Yao), she teams up with Evan (Gavin Stenhouse), who makes a major discovery about his former boss. Elsewhere, Althea (Shannon Dang) attempts to pull off a surprise 25th anniversary party for Harmony Dumpling against her mother’s wishes, and Ryan (Jon Prasida) begins to question what Sebastian (guest star JB Tadena) may be hiding from him. Tzi Ma, Kheng Hua Tan, Eddie Liu, Vanessa Kai and Yvonne Chapman also star. Joe Menendez directed the episode with story by Linda Ge and teleplay by Ryan Johnson & Peter Lalayanis (208). Original airdate 5/4/2022.

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Kung Fu 2×08 Promo/Preview “Disclosure”
Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 8 Promo
Kung Fu 2×08 Promo “Disclosure” (HD)

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» Watch Kung Fu Wednesdays at 9:00pm on The CW
» Starring: Olivia Liang, Jon Prasida, Tzi Ma, Kheng Hua Tan, Shannon Dang, Gwendoline Yeo


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